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The Polestar Insights NHS in-depth research project will comply with UK Data Protection law and GDPR and such Terms and Conditions will be made available to NHS respondents. 

Your personal data will be limited to your contact details as entered by you on this site and these details will only be used for contact between Polestar Insights Limited and you, and in accordance with your wishes. Your contact details will not be shared with any third party, except with your express permission. You have the right to withdraw from such contact with Polestar Insights Limited at any time and to see or to delete your personal details, which will be held by, a GDPR-compliant software company which provides cloud-based web development services


The research questions and results will be divided into two segments: (1) Clients' NHS 'burning' questions and research results, which shall remain private and confidential to each client (2) A general section of NHS questions and results which will be developed by Polestar Insights LImited, which will be made available to all clients.

(1) Questions which you / your company choose to share with Polestar Insights Limited will remain confidential to you / your company. Such questions will be for use only in this project - including discussions with NHS stakeholders, processing and analysis by Polestar Insights Limited and discussion or presentation of the results with you / your company. You, your information (personal details) and your participation in the NHS in-depth research project will remain anonymous at all times unless you give permission to be identified. 


(2) The remaining part of the research content i.e. all those questions developed by Polestar Insights Limited which are not client confidential NHS 'burning' questions and have not been shared by you / your company or another participating respondent / company, will be proprietary to Polestar Insights Limited. The results and insights arising from your NHS 'burning' questions will remain confidential to you / your company. 

Given that the Polestar Insights Limited content and your / your company's 'burning' question content may possibly overlap, we undertake to discuss such instances with you in advance of the research field work in order to reach an agreement as to whether the results will be confidential to you / your company or shared as part of the general results of the research. We will not include your / your company's 'burning' questions unless you are completely satisfied regarding their inclusion and have confirmed this in writing to us. 

Your NHS questions and your information (personal details) will remain confidential and will only be used for the purposes of this NHS in-depth research project and will not be passed to any third party without your permission. A report on the aggregated and anonymised research results will be forwarded to all clients and we may contact you with information on our services unless you tell us otherwise. We reserve the right to publish the aggregated and anonymised results of the NHS in-depth research after you have received the results and with the exception of all clients' confidential NHS 'burning' questions, as mentioned above, unless specifically agreed with you / your company.  You have the right to withdraw at any time.



All information that you provide will remain confidential. Could you please confirm, where indicated on the previous page, that you agree with the privacy and confidentiality statements, that you acknowledge that if, in the course of this study, proprietary information regarding products, services or market research methodologies or other trade secrets and know-how are disclosed, by participating in this study you agree to hold all such information confidential and not to disclose it to any third party or use it for any other purpose whatsoever. You also agree not to disclose any part of the discussion, which is proprietary to Polestar Insights Limited.

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